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Peter Levine’s most recent New York credits include Max Gelman in Apple, Table, Penny (featured presentation at Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Works Festival), and Len in In the Car With Blossom and Len, directed by Tony-award nominee Lynne Taylor-Corbett, at the Queens Theatre. He played Ben in Murmurs and Incantations at the Soho Playhouse, which won Best Play at the New York International Fringe Festival. He also appeared in The Nether and In the Car With Blossom and Len, at New Jersey’s Centenary Stage. Other New York credits include The Madwoman of Chaillot (with Anne Jackson Alvin Epstein, and Kim Hunter), The Power of Darkness at the Mint, The Front Page, Evening All Afternoon, Broadway Bound, Nude With Violin, and The Private Life of the Master Race. Regional credits include The Sunshine Boys, Cheaper By the Dozen, Jewtopia, Angels in America, Indians, and Inherit the Wind.


As playwright, Mr. Levine has written The Kitchen Table, The Gipper, Apple, Table, Penny and Meditations on Brooklyn Childhoods, all of which were produced in New York by Emerging Artists Theatre. In his former life as an historian, Mr. Levine wrote numerous books, including A.G. Spalding and The Rise of Baseball, Ellis Island to Ebbets Field: Sport and the American Jewish Experience, Idols of the Game (with Robert Lipsyte), and a novel, The Rabbi of Swat.





Height: 6’1”     Weight: 175lbs


New York Theatre (Selected Roles)


In The Car With Blossom & Len               Len (lead)                    Queens Theatre | Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Director

Murmurs and Incantations                         Ben Levitts (lead)        Soho Playhouse, NY Fringe | Lewis Magruder, Director

Apple, Table, Penny                                   Max (lead)                   Emerging Artists | J. Tuttle, Director

Power of Darkness                                     Ivan                              The Mint | Martin Platt, Director

Madwoman of Chaillot                              Peddler/Prospector       Neighborhood Playhouse | Roy Steinberg Director

                                                                                                                 (With Anne Jackson, Kim Hunter, Alvin Epstein)

Evening All Afternoon                               Hugh Easterman          New Georges | Bea Terry, Director

Private Life of the Master Race                 9 roles                          Roust | James Philip Gates, Director

The Seagull                                                Sorin                            Columbia University, MFA Directors | J. Seinen, Director

The Front Page                                          Walter Burns                Gallery Players | Jose Zayas, Director

Broadway Bound                                       Ben Epstein                 Theatre Fellowship

The Underpants                                         Klinglehoff                  Gallery Players | Seth Soloway, Director

Sympathy in C                                           Ronald                         Broadway Bound | Terry Hanson, Director


Regional Theatre


The Sunshine Boys                                    Willie Clark                 Gretna | J.B. Nicola, Director

The Sunshine Boys                                    Willie Clark                 Shadow Lawn

The Nether                                                 Doyle                           Centenary Stage | Carl Wallnau, Director

In The Car With Blossom & Len               Len                              Centenary Stage | Lynn Taylor-Corbett, Director                  

Cheaper By The Dozen                              Frank Gilbreth             Gretna | M. Mazurski, Director

Jewtopia                                                     Rabbi/Irving                Florida Studio | J. Berkow, Director

Art                                                              Marc                            Bar Harbor Theatre | Patricia Riggin, Director

Red Herring                                               Andrei (& 4 roles)       Bar Harbor Theatre | Larry Bull, Director

Clowns on Ice                                            George                         Performers Network | Geoffrey Sherman, Director

Lips Together, Teeth Apart                         Sam                             Shadow Lawn | Frank Rutledge, Director

Angels in America                                     Roy Cohn/Prior II        Michigan State University, MFA Theater Program

Indians                                                       Buffalo Bill                  Michigan State University, MFA Theater Program

Inherit the Wind                                         Brady                           Michigan State University, MFA Theater Program


Film & Television


The Americans                                           Reuben Hollander (Prin.)        FX

Naked Brothers Band                                 European Man                         Nickelodeon                  

What’s Not to Love                                    Art Patron                                Showtime         

Things That Go Bump                               Father                                       Adam Salky, Director

Idols of the Game                                      On camera/Voiceover               Turner (TBS)



Meisner Technique with William Esper, New York

Actors Center, with Earle Gister, Lloyd Richards, Joanna Merlin, Chris Bayes and Todd Thaler, New York

Special Skills: Accents (Russian, German, British, Southern, New York, Brooklyn), novelist, playwright, published author, rowing-single scull,

baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, swimming, ballroom dancing, improvisation, licensed driver, vocal range: Bari-Tenor

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