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“This gem of a play had me mesmerized from the opening to the very last moment. Kudos to playwright and actor Peter Levine for bringing his central character Max vividly to life in ways that are deeply relatable.”

Ronni Burns, Electric Link Journal


“The spirit and determination that Len exhibits is a prime example of the true to life depiction of the admirable human spirit that raises In the Car to its highest level….Peter Levine is both funny and poignant as Lenny. He seamlessly integrates Lenny's wide-ranging moods and behaviors.”

-Bob Rendell, Talking Broadway

“Levine is captivating as the aging father...very moving in moments when he breaks down, but also hilarious in the funny moments.”

-Review for In the Car with Blossom and Len


“The play takes Ben and the audience on a journey through distance and time as Ben delves into the two great tragedies of his life, and offers a gentle testament to the power of art as an act of honesty, witness, and survival.”

**** [Four Star Rating]

-Time Out, New York

 “It is a refreshing feat seeing a play that is elegantly written, skillfully directed, and eloquently performed.”

-Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy


“Evening All Afternoon had the strongest performances… including Peter Levine who charms as Mr. Easterman, a patient man who likes to offer life lessons found in the poetry of Yeats and Shelley.”



“The cast is a tour de force… including Peter Levine’s quietly elegant Mr. Easterman.”

-Theatre is Easy


“Above all this production belongs to (Ken) Parker and Levine as Lewis and Clark…. Levine is wonderful…and the two share a real chemistry.”

-Lancaster Journal


“Peter Levine plays Andrei Borchevsky, a Russian fisherman, with an unfaltering Russian accent. Borchevsky is arguably the funniest and most endearing character in the play and Mr. Levine is a standout, drinking vodka by the spoonful, sharing advice on marriage and, of course, playing his own corpse.”

-The Bar Harbor Times

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